Benefits - PortaSafeStocks

For $35,500 + GST* (including digital scales), OR leasing for approx $35 per day, 5 days a week for 5 yrs*, you'll get:

P rofessionalism and Pride
When you experience the ease and confidence of working from this mobile equine veterinary work station you'll never want to be without it. After 4 years of development and trials, refinements suggested by 25 vets already using the equipment, and the feedback of more than 200 vets who have attended our equine dentistry workshops, the Porta Safe Stocks™ are a thoroughly tested and proven design.
O ccupational Health and Safety
  • Can you afford to get injured in a busy equine practice?
  • Do you take your safety seriously and what do you do to protect it - especially when working in stressful and busy situations?

The Porta Safe Stocks™ are proven to immensely improve workplace safety for vets and horse owners.

R isk Reduction - Reduce Damage to Your Valuable Equipment
  • Does your insurance cover your equipment from being kicked by a horse?
  • How much would it cost to replace your valuable equipment (eg. x-ray, ultrasound, scope)?
  • If your equipment is covered, will your premiums increase if you make a claim for damage to your equipment?
  • Can you afford the time lost waiting for replacements?

The Porta Safe Stocks™ can help you take the risk out of all these equations.

T ime Savings

The Porta Safe Stocks™ can be fully set up in less than 3 minutes from arriving on site. The Crush can be detached from the trailer in less than 3 minutes. Overall, the PSS trailer will save you at least 20 to 30 mins per day in ambulatory equine practice, time you can use to make another call, or make those phone calls that you usually leave until the evening, or even finish your day earlier.

  • How much time do you spend packing your car each day, and walking to and from the car several times when treating a horse at a property? How much time do you spend unpacking gear, when you could simply open one lid and start working directly out of the PSS?
  • Ask yourself, "Am I worth more than $1.50 per minute???" The PSS can consistently save you 20 to 30 mins per day, and it only costs $35 per day to lease. If you value yourself at $2 per minute, could it save you just 18 minutes? $3 per minute??? Now you only need to save 12 mins per day!
  • The other money saved in time costs could go towards the extra fuel used in towing a 1.2 tonne trailer with 200-500 kg of gear in it.
A dvertising

Your promotional costs for your business can be reduced. Like a mobile billboard, the PSS attracts attention everywhere it goes, and this form of advertising will not cost you every year as with other mediums.

  • How much do you spend per year in advertising, and how effective is it? The PSS will generate much more conversation amongst horse owners than standard advertising media do.
S afety

How often do you find yourself in dangerous, compromised positions? Are you taking more risks as you become more experienced and busier? Do you know of other highly skilled equine vets who have been kicked, struck or injured unnecessarily? Use of the PSS benefits:

  • the horse - especially if ataxic
  • the owner - they can now stand back and watch procedures
  • you, the vet - the PSS greatly reduces the risk of being kicked or struck when working on an animal.
A ccuracy
  • Would you be able to think clearer, faster and more efficiently if you didn't have to be watching out for the safety of yourself, your equipment, the horse, and the handlers most of the time?

The reliability of your diagnosis is enhanced using the PSS - you are able to fully concentrate on the task at hand without continually watching everything going on around you.

F ight or Flight

Fight/flight tendencies of horses have been addressed with the PSS through having the crush large enough to be non-threatening, and installing quick release gates on 3 sides. Rubber padding is also used on the floor and on the kick gates, protecting your clients investment in their animals. Some owners will quickly recognise how serious you are at being the best equine vet you can be.

  • Would you enjoy that feeling of appreciation from your clients?
  • Or are you still waiting for those owners to build you a crush to keep you all safe whilst working on their horses?
E ffectiveness and Efficiency

The PSS increases your day's productivity - stay organised on the ample bench space, quickly access the pressurised water on tap. You'll be less likely to leave tools behind at stables, in the grass and on fence posts etc.

  • Would you enjoy your work more if you could stay more organised, clean and efficient?
  • Are you losing money and successful outcomes because you didn't have all the proper equipment, drugs and consumables on hand to treat the case properly on the first visit?
S trength and Durability

Strength and durability with the PSS have been maximised through strong design and galvanising of the steel work throughout the unit. With the axles set back, the trailer is easy to reverse and not awkward like a box trailer. It is always visible in your mirrors.

  • Will you enjoy no longer having to put up with no handling facilities on horse properties, or even worse, unsafe facilities?
T ravel Time

Time spend travelling can be cut as you carry enough gear to treat properly the first time - every time - saving you unnecessary revisits. You can easily carry the gear to do large scheduled runs, whereby you only stock up once per week. Nurses can maintain the inventory in the trailer, freeing up time for the vet.

  • Would you enjoy being able to charge less for travel per client, but actually earning more travel fees per km travelled through doing shared scheduled runs? Taxis do it, so why can't you?
O ptions

The PSS can readily alternate being the clinic crush as well as the portable crush. And you'll know the equine veterinary equipment and inventory is always maintained and safely locked away in the trailer's large storage area whenever you need it.

  • If you're starting up an equine practice, are you tying up capital in costly clinic facilities, when a simple roof will suffice when utilising the PSS? With the PSS, even the local showground or horse park can become a clinic set up situation.
C lients

Clients with many horses often prefer vets to go to the farm to do dentistry and repro work. Would you like to gain a greater market share in your area by accommodating these bigger owners? The PSS will give you the ability to do just this. Some owners will always prefer to travel to you if they have time and a good float, but others are too busy and would prefer to pay the added costs for you to come to them. Giving them the choice is a powerful business tool.

  • Do you know what your clients prefer, and would they appreciate having the option?
K .I.S.S.

"Keep It Simple Stupid" has been one of our mottos in developing the trailer. We wanted something that would last, but was easy for the owner to repair locally if any unforeseen circumstances arose. No hydraulics, no expensive computers - just simple mechanics, built to last.

  • Is this the philosophy you want in the construction of the equipment you invest in these days, or do you want to stay at the mercy of the manufacturer when it comes to repairs?
S ensational!

Sensational is the word most horse owners use to describe the trailer when they first see it - with the wow factor being increased through optional extras: add-on equipment like the electronic scales. We are also working on an x-ray machine holder, more signage space and even a sunshade.

  • To get credibility, you need visibility. Are you ready to step up your visibility and reputation in your local horse community?
  • Do you feel the Australian horse industry is a thriving industry which is worth investing your time, professional skills and money in?
  • If you don't step up and invest in the Porta Safe Stocks™ in your area, will your opposition beat you to it?

* Amounts stated are accurate as of May 2014, but are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.

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