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Porta Safe Features Include :

All sizes of horses catered for
From minis to draught horses, all sizes of horses are safe and comfortable in the PSS. It is purposely open and non-threatening. Quick release latches on the gates on three sides ensure the horse can be released quickly.
Eye-work and oro-facial surgery
The head support beam allows easy use of a dental halter with chin support. From here, eye examinations, tear duct flushing, along with a wide variety of oro-facial surgeries can be performed in the standing patient.
Endoscopic examinations can be done in a safe and relaxed manner. The horse, vet, handler, and equipment remain safe - ensuring full concentration on achieving an accurate diagnosis.
Dental work
Performance dentistry is well recognised to be essential in maximising comfort to the horse whilst eating and when bitted. By having the horse sedated and in the PSS, an accurate examination, diagnosis, and treatment can be done - every time, on every single horse!
Ultrasound Scanning
With the horse contained in the PSS, it will stand still and allow the vet to scan tendons and other parts of the body. This is best done in a shady area.
Radiography (X-rays)
Horses need to stand still to be x-rayed. This is easily done using the PSS in a shaded area. The x-ray machine stays safe throughout the procedure.
Mini Power Floating
Ponies get lots of dental disease. For the best treatment, a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis needs to be done first. This is best done after the mouth has been flushed. From there a strong light, dental probe and mirror will allow a proper diagnosis. The PSS makes this process a simple task.
Miscellaneous Vet Work
Abdominal taps, stomach tubing, skin tumour removal, stitch-ups, colic treatment, caslicks operations, standing castrations, hoof abscesses can all be done safer, faster and cleaner in the PSS.
Reproductive Work
Ultrasound in mares and pregnancy testing is a breeze on any farm using the PSS. Uterine swabs, flushes and biopsies can all be done immediately and cleanly - using the trigger hose and ample bench space. Artificial insemination of the mare with chilled semen at the owner's home can also be accomplished.
Night Operation
With spotlight covering the work area, and interior lights in the lockable PSS storage compartment, night calls become more manageable. The trailer is easy to reverse and tows like a two-horse float. Even at night the trailer stands out and attracts attention, making it a potent mobile advertising medium.
Porta Safe Stocks - Your Mobile Work Station
Features of the PSS include: hot dip galvanising of complete trailer and crush; 80 litre water tank and electric pressure pump; electric brakes on the trailer and heavy duty axle and springs; three work benches; large lock-up storage compartment with easy access. From pulling up on the farm, the whole station is set up in less than 3 minutes.
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