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Comments from vets who use Porta Safe Stocks :

I am very happy with my Porta Safe Stocks™ trailer and I use it every day for a whole range of procedures. Anything you need to do on a standing horse is done better, quicker and safer in the trailer. I frequently work alone without assistance to do dentals and to scan mares.

My clients are impressed with the investment I have made and they can see I am serious about the quality of work that I try to perform. In many work situations we have clients with minimal horse handling skills. It is now much safer to take the horse from them, place it in the trailer, then allow the client to watch from a safe distance whilst completing the task single-handed.

Because of the trailer's unusual appearance it attracts attention wherever it goes. Also remember it handles the odd quiet house cow as well.

Dr Peter Allan BVSc

The Porta Safe Stocks™ paid for itself in one second. It wasn't the first second I used it though.

On about the 18th rectal examination I was entering the mare. My hands could fit and things were quiet when suddenly a hoof-shaped mark appeared on the rear gate in line with my shin. Considering I'm a solo practitioner, that saved the pain of a broken shin (that's $10,000) then not working for several weeks - that was cheap insurance! I have found it invaluable for both dentistry and reproduction, and the clients love it. I have it behind the car at least 5 days out of 7. I would not hesitate to recommend. Thanks, Oliver and crew, from my shins and I.

David Bartholomeusz BVSc

I think the Porta Safe Stocks™ are by far the greatest improvement in equine practice that I have seen since graduation in the 1970s.

I cannot believe the number of times over the years I have had cracked ribs from being kicked as well as multiple other injuries. The trailer and attached crush make equine practice convenient and safe for the veterinarian, the owner and the horse. It has made my work safer and much more efficient. The clients are seriously impressed when you turn up with your own crush!

Assoc Prof Gary Wilson BVSc MVSc MACVSc Cert Teaching Consultant to the University of Queensland

We were doing about 30 dentals a month but I was unsure that we could justify the cost. I was getting sick of chasing horses around trees and through stables while doing dentals.

By the time the crush arrived I had already booked a couple of big days. Within 2 weeks the 2 big days had turned into week after week of dentals coming out of the 'woodwork'! I was amazed how many people would ring up asking for 'the vet with the portable crush'.

In August and September of this year we have done over 120 dentals. This is a 100% increase. Pony clubs and associations from many areas have actually booked 'dental days'. Cattle stations have booked us to do their plant horses . . . it goes on and on! I can honestly say that I use my crush every day.

Frank Condon BVSc

I have been very happy with the trailer. It makes doing dentals so much easier and most clients appreciate that you are doing a more professional job.

I also do a fair amount of reproductive work and it is great to have a safe working environment, as most of my clients are small breeders with little or no adequate facilities.

I would definitely recommend the Porta Safe Stocks™ to any equine veterinarian who likes to do a good job!

Dr Paul B McCosker MA, VetMB, MACVSc

The PSS is so quick and easy to set up. I now don't need to worry about the horse moving, or causing injury to the handler, myself, or my equipment. Thus I can concentrate on doing the best job possible. Through being able to carry plenty of equipment to the farm, I can treat the horse properly the first time. Thus revisit callouts are minimised. This saves me time and the owner money.

The Porta Safe Stocks™ is essential for any vet wanting to do serious ambulatory equine vet work. I won't be surprised to see the PSS used on large studs and properties as well. It will minimise the movement and mixing of mares and foals in a central holding yard. This will potentially reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as scours, strangles, rattles, and other respiratory diseases.

Bill Roughan BVSc

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